11 Birthday Gifts to Inspire Your Favorite Creative - By: Maria Cannon

11 Birthday Gifts to Inspire Your Favorite Creative

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Unless you know someone very well, picking out the right birthday gift can be a daunting task. You don’t want to default to an uninspired gift card, but you also don’t want to spend a lot on something they might not like. Gifts that encourage creativity are an excellent choice for a thoughtful gift, especially for family members who love to get crafty. If there’s a creative spirit with a birthday on the horizon, they’ll love receiving one of these 11 presents.

1. Adult Coloring Books

The popularity of adult coloring books is showing no signs of waning. People love filling in coloring books’ intricate designs as a stress-relieving activity, and they’re great for when you want to get creative but don’t have time to start a new craft or piece of artwork.

2.  Living Wall Art

This gift requires a little craftiness of your own, but it’s guaranteed to impress. With a shadow box and a collection of succulents, you can create a gorgeous piece of living artwork that anyone would be proud to hang in their home. These instructions from Better Homes and Gardens show you how.

3. Beeswax

The versatility of beeswax is incredible. It can be used to make candles, lip balms, salves, leather dressings, crayons, and pomades, among a plethora of other beeswax products. A pound or two of beeswax is just the thing to jumpstart a friend or family member’s next concoction.

4. Knitting Lessons

Learning a new craft like knitting is fun and exciting, but the expense and time of self-teaching leads many people to stick to tried-and-true hobbies. However, knitting classes provide an expedited entry into a new artform or can help beginner and intermediate knitters improve their skills. You can purchase lessons to a specific class, or opt for a gift certificate to a local arts center so that they can stock up on supplies.

5. Instrument Accessories

If your friend plays an instrument on the side, putting together an accessories bundle can be a great way to support their musical aspirations and help them have necessary items at their disposal. For example, if your friend plays a woodwind, you can give them a set of reeds or gift card to buy some, a repair kit, a strap and an instrument cleaning cloth. They’ll be all set to play until their heart’s content!

6. A Flexible Tripod

Selfie sticks had their 15 minutes of fame, but there’s a better way to take self-portraits without sacrificing background scenery. A flexible, portable tripod lets your favorite photographer mount her camera or smartphone on nearly any surface to capture the perfect shot.

7. A Baby Sitter

If your friend has been having trouble realizing their inspiration because of the need to care for their children, now is the perfect time to set them up with a babysitter -- or several nights’ worth of babysitting. Help your friend out by doing the legwork by checking out sitters and coming up with a couple of options for your friend to choose from. 

8. An Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

If you have a yogi among your family and friends, she probably spends a lot of time on her yoga mat. Unfortunately, many yoga mats contain phthalates and are made with non-biodegradable synthetic materials. Upgrade your recipient’s flow with an eco-friendly yoga mat made from natural rubber, jute, or cork.

9. An Artsy Umbrella

Everyone needs an umbrella, so why not buy one your friend or family member will be proud to use? An umbrella featuring a favorite piece of fine art will inspire on even the dreariest of days.

10. A Moleskine

In a world where nearly everything has gone digital, paper reigns supreme as the preferred medium for jotting down story ideas or sketching out a new design. And as far as notebooks go, the Moleskine is a classic. These bookbound notebooks are durable, pocket-sized, and stylish, so they’re ideal for capturing ideas on the go.

11. Jewelry

Jewelry is a form of creative expression, combining color, shape, texture, and design to create a piece of eye-catching art. The best part is that you are the canvas on which the art is displayed. Whether you choose a necklace, bracelet, ring, or pair of earrings, the beautiful piece you choose will surely bring a smile to the birthday recipient. 

From scented lotion to socks, there are a lot of overdone birthday gifts that say “I don’t know you at all.” Instead of buying another present that will end up in the back of the closet, put effort into a personal gift that will inspire and impress. By tapping into the creative soul of the giftee, you are sure to give them a birthday gift they’ll love.

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